Raising Truly Great Kids Alexandria RECAP

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Raising Truly Great Kids Alexandria RECAP

Our team just recently returned from a Raising Truly Great Kids event with our friends at The Unity Foundation in Alexandria, MN. We’re praising God for blessing the efforts of their conference committee’s work as our weekend was a GREAT one. Here are a few comments we received from attendees:

I feel like our life has become a list of to-dos (lots of performance and fear).  It is great to be given a fresh perspective and a tangible way to step back and re-prioritize our family. It gave me insight to my kids’ needs and behaviors and showed me where I can improve my relationship with them.  I plan to take techniques and knowledge learned here and instill grace in our home and lives.  This conference was a superb experience. I have been trying to parent my kids from the outside-in without much grace.  What an eye-opener.  I can see why my joy level is so low – always controlling and policing.  I’m so encouraged to learn of the grace-based approach and setting my kids free. Definitely gave me an understanding on “grace based parenting” for my children, since I tend to do more “performance based parenting.”  It gave me a great perspective on how God sees us through his “grace lens.” I received very little Christian guidance as a child and as an adult have muddled my way through – our boys (two of them) are 6 and 8 have made me see that even though we may not have received God’s grace, we want to give it – tenfold!  I was never taught about how the Bible applies to my life.  I’m just learning about Jesus, who He is, and how much He loves me.  Now I am hungry for more and want to teach our kids.

Were you in Alexandria for the Raising Truly Great Kids Event?  If so, comment below!  We’d love to hear from you.

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