Let’s Talk about Sex

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Let’s Talk about Sex

Several years ago my wife had what I call installment #1 of “The Sex Talk” with my youngest son; it went something like this…

Jodie: Do you know where babies come from?

Tifton: Duh, Mom.  You push them out of your bottom. (He isn’t referring to the correct part of the bottom… you know boys.)

Jodie: God grew you in my tummy.  He gave you food, water, goldfish and Gatorade and you grew really big. (Just kidding.  Let’s try again.)

Jodie: God grew you in my tummy for nine months and then you were born.  Do you know how you came out of mommy’s tummy?

Same answer from Tifton.

Jodie: You came out of mommy’s v—–.*

Tifton: Yuck. (Somehow this answer grossed him out more than his original answer.)

Note: Team Sprad opts to use proper names for body parts as it’s less confusing for kids. We will abbreviate them on the blog to avoid problems with spam filters.)

PARENTS!! I believe that we must step into the fear, pain and awkwardness and have honest, transparent conversations with our kids about sex.  If you are looking to get started, here are a handful of non-negotiable’s to remember when having “The Sex Talk”. NON – NEGOTIABLES

  • Start now:  but remember it’s never too late.
  • Go to Starbucks & grab a “cuppa joe”:  a safe & hip place to have the conversation (S) plural.
  • Don’t have “THE SEX TALK”, have thousands of “SEX TALKS”.
  • Ask questions:   “Do you know where babies come from?”… “Do you know what sex is?”…this helps you know where to start.
  • “Keep your p—-in your pants” this does not qualify as “THE SEX TALK”!
  • Explain the “WHY” behind “THE DON’T”.
  • Step into the pain:  use the words v—– and p—- from the very start, it’s less confusing.
  • Be honest and frank.
  • Dads lead your family!
  • Explain in age appropriate detail.
  • Talk to your kids about masturbation.  When?  I’m talking to my son next week (6th grade).
  • Your kids will laugh, cry, gross out and scream out “do I have to do that!?!” (My son did).
  • Don’t take the clinical approach!  Talk to your kid’s heart.
  • Moms and dads have the talk together…it builds the family.
  • Single parents, don’t shrink back from having “the talk” with a child of the opposite sex, you can do it.
  • Remember…your kids aren’t as sheltered as you think they are.
  • It’s a dialogue, not a speech.

Don’t stop with this post! If you are struggling to know where to start, find the exact words or you think it is too late, you are wrong.  Family Matters sells several resources that can be found HERE, and I have written several posts that can be found at EpicParent.tv. Parents…step into the pain and have thousands of sex talks with your kiddos!

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