Broken & Shed

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Broken & Shed

Tim Kimmel’s son Cody, my brother,  has a new blogging project called The Eternal Footman. It’s a collaboration of three writers and is a mix of creative writing, philosophy and theology. The following poem, written by Cody Kimmel, is a beautiful tribute to the sacrifice of Christ in our stead…How sweet a tragedy is the cross. It is our ransom. May the focus of this Good Friday in your home be the radical grace that is the sacrifice on the cross. It defied the universal laws of cause and effect to buy you back from your deserved abduction by eternal separation. Praise be to Him. Broken and Shed By Cody Kimmel His body broken for my ambition my freedom my inquisition my jockeying for position my constant faith in intuition His blood shed for my fears my overcoming my failures my outrunning my tired eyes and quiet cunning my overbearing love of money

i break His bread and break my soul

i drink His cup and fill the hole

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