How to Handle Sibling Fights

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How to Handle Sibling Fights

Fighting BrothersCan I just say, “I AM DONE WITH SIBLING FIGHTS”?!?!? It seems like every time I turn around my two boys are arguing and fighting.  I am sure that my kids are the only ones that do this, but several months ago while Team Sprad was snowboarding,  my two boys got in a huge fight!  My youngest (Tifton) hit my oldest (Cole) in the mouth and knocked out his two front teeth.  Blood went everywhere!  We had to ski patrol Cole down the mountain and take him to the ER…just kidding!!!  I really am kidding.  They didn’t get in a fist or physical fight but they got in a huge argument with yelling, crying and ultimately a hurt heart. “Cole, you did this…” “Tifton said that…” “You didn’t help me with this…” “Why did you call me that…” Yeah I get that  kids are kids and siblings will always fight, but yesterday’s ordeal reminded me that I must teach my kids to  fight honorably, respectfully and in a God pleasing way.  So here are a few things I have been thinking through when it comes to sibling fights…

  • THE “NO” CARD: Teach your kids that when anyone throws the “NO” card… meaning, they put up a boundary, all arguing, fighting and teasing stops.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  If this rule is violated, trouble is coming.
  • HARNESS POWER: I teach my oldest son to harness his power and hold it back when play fighting with his little brother.  If he doesn’t, it turns into a big fight with someone getting hurt.
  • WORK IT OUT NOW: My kids must stay in the pain and work it out before the sun goes down.
  • JUST HAVE A CONVERSATION: Teach your kids to simply have a conversation and that yelling  is not necessary.  Mom & dad, you can’t teach this unless you live it out.
  • EVERYBODY IS JACKED UP: Teach your kids that no one is perfect & everybody makes mistakes.
  • OWN IT: Teach your kids to “OWN” what is theirs to “OWN”.
  • THE F WORD: Teach Your kids to ask forgiveness when they blow it.


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