Free Childcare Offered

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Free Childcare Offered

Are you set in your ways, comfortable in your daily routine? Do you have a great system in place that allows you to move relatively smoothly through your days? If the answer to these two questions is yes I would like to challenge you to shake things up a bit by finding someone who could use a break and offering to have their children come stay with you for an overnight! As one who has always lived away from family my children have missed out on the regular cousin sleep over’s and grandparents house sleep over’s.  So…I have remedied that situation by having other people’s kids sleep over at our home. Sometimes it’s with children my children’s own age, but sometimes we invite a family who has children of differing ages. The way I see it, my children learn something new about themselves and how to get along well with others when they share their stuff, their homes, their dinnertime routine and even their parents with a bunch of other kids. This week has been extra fun at our home. We have had four extra kids hanging with us for a few days while their parents get away for a bit.  Was it a challenge to our regular routine? Yep. Was it loud? Yep. Was it more work for me? Yep. Was it amazingly wonderful – definitely! My husband has always been used to a loud “Daddy’s Home” greeting when he gets home from work, but the one he got last night was extra loud and there were four new sets of arms hugging him and welcoming him. That was pretty neat and the look on his face was priceless! Interestingly I thought I was doing my friends a favor by caring for their children, but once again it turned out that I was the one who was blessed because these children brought some extra spunk, curious questions, fun activity, great conversation and fun to our home. So…I am challenging you to open up your home in this same way! Would you be willing to pray about who you might need to bless by offering to have their kids stay with you for a night or two. It will get you out of your routine rut and bring some new excitement and flavor to your home. And, what I can tell you is if you do this once, you will want to do it again – as a matter of fact your children will make you because they will like it so much!

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