Love, Darcy | What I Really Want For Valentine’s Day

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Love, Darcy | What I Really Want For Valentine’s Day

It’s a subject that comes up this time of year and our lunch group was no exception. “What do you want your husband to do for you on Valentine’s Day?” Of course there was the usual twitter of giggles and rolling the eyes to acknowledge the standard plan that most men have for that day of romance. But after we got through with the obvious, a few of the ladies spoke up. “I’d love to receive a set of diamond earrings.” (Well, who wouldn’t?) “I’d love for him to get a babysitter and take me out for a romantic dinner.” “If we had the money, it would be so wonderful to get away for a few days.” “I’d be happy with a box of chocolates and an uninterrupted hour to soak in the bathtub.” My hope for all my friends is that their Valentine’s wishes come true. But as I ran through the standard requests, I wasn’t drawn to any of them: Jewelry: After almost 4 decades of marriage, I have drawers full of bobbles and I still wear the same necklace and earrings about 90% of the time. Travel: Because of all the travel we do in ministry, staying home is a treat to us. Nighties: Do you know how many “sweet nothings” I have after being married to Tim for 39 years. Too many if you ask me. “Where are they” if you ask him. Chocolate: Come February, I’ve worked really hard to drop the extra weight I garnered over the holidays so, even though I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like, no thank you. You might be saying right about now, “Wow, aren’t you the party pooper?!” I know I can be a wet blanket at times, but I’ve become very practical at this stage of life. I’m in the downsizing and simplifying mode.  No more stuff please (except maybe a pair of red stiletto heels! Did you know I have a weakness for shoes? ) So as I think about what I really want for Valentine’s Day, I realize I already have it and have had it for the past 39 years…. A man who loves me for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. With that and maybe a tiny piece of Dove chocolate, what more could a woman want? Here’s to Champagne Wishes, Candlelight Dreams and Happy Valentine’s Day, Love, Darcy

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