Protecting Our Identity

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Protecting Our Identity

Identity theft is a serious issue. I know this because I’ve tried to steal quite a few. You see, when I was in my mother’s womb, God had already decided who I would be and what kind of personal characteristics I would have. He knew what I would be good at, and what I would stink at. The problem, of course, is that over the years I didn’t really understand this idea. I so desperately wanted an identity, but I didn’t know how to look to Jesus for it. Jesus was something I had needed to stay out of hell, not Someone who could give me a new life and identity. So I just kept trying on different ones like a housewife at a clearance sale. Let’s see if you can identify with any of these: The good girl. The tomboy. That girl who knows everything about JTT and has his posters on her bedroom walls. The religious girl who doesn’t swear. That girl who plays keys on worship team. That girl who only hangs out with the guys. That girl who is obsessed with Spanish and anything Spanish related. That girl who did Zumba up until the day before she delivered. Can you relate? Are you more interested in being known as “that guy who knows everything about iPhones.” Or, “the Mom who makes amazing cupcakes.” It’s not wrong to be good at things or have interests. But I find that I often get too caught up in protecting my identity. I might put something on Facebook just so that I’m known as the character I’ve created for myself. Do you ever find yourself driving down the road thinking about the next clever Tweet you want to post? We are obsessed with ourselves and the identities we’ve created! I know I really hate seeing this kind of pride in my own heart, but I’m so very grateful for God’s unending Grace that redirects my heart, and reminds me that there is no hope in anything but Jesus. I want to be known as a woman that follows Christ, and loves others in His name. That should be the only identity worth protecting. How can we help our children find security in who God made them?

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