A Star is Born | Welcome Hayes Davis Kimmel

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A Star is Born | Welcome Hayes Davis Kimmel

We all know that every child is a gift from God. In fact, the scripture says this very thought. Behold, children are a gift of the Lord; …. Psalms 127: 3 But some of these little gifts become even more special when they’re added to one’s own family. We’ve just been blessed with another grandchild and we’re so thankful for this new little life. Hayes Davis Kimmel – born to our son Cody and his wife Lauren in Dallas,TX. We flew to Dallas the morning of his birth and had the privilege of seeing him just a few minutes after he was born. In fact he was so new, he was still steaming! I don’t think there’s a wonder and pride that compares to the ones reflected on a new Dad’s face as they show off their brand new baby. And that’s also one of the greatest things about being a grandparent. Seeing a child (now grown up) that you love more than yourself have that same kind of love for his child and your grandchild. It’s what we call a Grand Love and it’s straight from the heart of God. Since this new little star has arrived on the scene, his big brother (19mos.old) has come to realize that he has to share his universe with someone else. Not the easiest thing for this first born superstar to do but he’s learning and becoming the better for it. Grandparenting is the best. It’s God’s reward for not selling your kids on Ebay!! And now that we have two little grandboys in Dallas, we’re so grateful for Skype, Face time, airplanes, frequent flyer miles and ministry opportunities inTexas. Here’s to newborn stars and grand blessings, Love, Darcy

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