Love, Darcy | Waterford Decanters and Libbey Glasses

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Love, Darcy | Waterford Decanters and Libbey Glasses

Our daughter and her husband recently celebrated their anniversary and it got me thinking back on their wedding. We had so much fun gathering and blessing them as they started their journey together as husband and wife. As a parent, we always want good things for our children. So one of my favorite parts of our kids’ weddings has been watching them open the gifts that so many loving and generous people have given to them as they set up housekeeping. Shiloh and Ian had a wonderful variety of friends at their wedding and as they opened their gifts, this diversity was evident and sweet. One elegantly wrapped package contained a beautiful Waterford crystal decanter. The next carefully wrapped gift was a set of four Libbey drinking glasses in the worn cardboard container. These gifts may have been worlds apart in monetary value but Ian and Shiloh were just as thrilled with both because of who gave them. Both people loved them very much and gave what they could afford. The interesting thing is that those four simple glasses have been used more than the delicate decanter. What a great reminder this was, that in life and at weddings, the value of our gifts don’t determine their significance. The love behind the gift does. When we cheerfully offer what we have, God can take our gift and make it a blessing to others. Our gifts, whether great or small, tangible or intangible, can be used by God when we offer them to others. So the next time we hesitate to invite our neighbors in because our house isn’t perfect or write a note to our pastor because we think he won’t know who we are, we need to go ahead and bless them with our heartfelt gift of time and love. Here’s to gifts from the heart and the Giver of all good gifts, Love, Darcy

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