A Free E-Book on Purity

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A Free E-Book on Purity

We really enjoy hearing from our friend Chris Spradlin, both on his own blog, and in the posts that he writes for us. So, you can imagine how eager we were to read his new FREE E-book titled, Sex, Lust and XXX.   In this no-holds-barred manual, Chris teaches parents how to fight for our kids’ purity, starting with our own. This is a resource that we whole-heartedly endorse and are excited to share with our community. I’ll be honest. I was apprehensive about this book. Not because of its subject matter or its double take title. I was apprehensive about this book because most of the dialogue I have heard, and opinions I have read on the subject of parents “protecting their kids purity” take an outside-in approach. For example, they focus primarily on keeping tempting influences (TV, movies, Internet, people) out of their kids’ lives. Of course it’s our job as parents to filter the muck that our culture offers up as entertainment. Of course it’s our job to teach our kids that what they fill their heads and hearts with ultimately will spill into their lives. Chris addresses all of the usual suspects in his book along with helpful suggestions for dealing with them. But when we primarily parent with an outside-in strategy it assumes that sin is lurking just outside of our family perimeter, waiting for us to let our guard down so it can attack. If you’ve hung around here long enough, you know that this is exactly the opposite of what the Bible teaches, and we echo, when it comes to sinfulness. In reality, sin is a preexisting condition. Trying to keep sin out of the camp is futile because it already lives in our hearts! Sin is woven into the fabric of our humanity. Outside-in defensive parenting is unfruitful and often backfires if we don’t win the battle in our kids hearts. We believe that it is only through inside-out transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit that any of us resist our sinful bent. This is the gospel. This is why we need redemption. This core philosophy is at the heart of Chris’s message to parents in his new e-book, Sex, Lust and XXX. I heartily recommend you read this book. It’s under 60 pages and is a quick read for our fast paced lives, but one that you will return to again and again. Chris Spradlin offers helpful tips, shares powerful personal stories and enlightening statistics. But most importantly, his advice, attitudes and dialogue are framed by God’s grace.

There is so much more we can say, but we’d rather you dive right in to this powerful resource yourself. Download it for free by following this link to Chris’s site EpicParent.tv. While you’re there look around. He has a great community and lots of other great articles and resources!

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