Stop the Rush!

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Stop the Rush!

I always regret it – the way I rush my children about. ~~~ Hurry up and get dressed so you can eat breakfast. Hurry up and eat breakfast so you can brush your teeth. Hurry up and brush your teeth so you can go to school. Hurry up and do your homework so we can eat dinner. Hurry up and eat your dinner so you can get a bath. Hurry up and bathe so you can get in the bed. ~~~ Whew, I’m stressed and exhausted just typing that out.  How much more stressful it must be for my children to hear it day in and day out. I find myself missing the moment because I’m scurrying on to the next.  And, in the process, I have missed all of the moments that made up the day – a day that will not come my way again. Please tell me that you can relate. It’s the way the world works, isn’t it? We have to squeeze twenty-five hours’ worth of work into every day. If we settle for anything less then we will soon be way behind, right? Can we stop being watchers of the clock and, instead, be embracers of the moment? Maybe, we can do it together. Are you in for a little less rushing and a little more savoring? Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Stop and Soak.  Nothing will take the rush out of your day like having a nice foot bath. Sit, enjoy the warmth and read a magazine. Not a book, mind you. There’s too much pressure to finish or to get some profound truth out of it. Just a short little article about what shoes are going to be popular this fall or how to make cupcakes that look like pumpkins. You can also make it extra special by lining up the kids on the couch and making it Family Stop and Soak Night. Those cheap little plastic tubs at Wal-Mart are the perfect size for little tootsies.
  • Institute Relax Time.  This is something we have done at my house since our first child was a toddler. About 30 minutes before bedtime, have  everyone gather in the living room. Play a game, watch a family friendly show (we have watched every episode of The Cosby Show, Andy Griffith and Little House on the Prairie)or read aloud. It does not matter what you do as much as the fact that it is a calming activity enjoyed by the whole family. This is also a great opportunity to institute a family prayer time.
  • Speak softly and carry a big…or just speak softly.  When you are constantly rushing about – you feel stress. When you feel stress – you are easily agitated. When you are easily agitated – you are quick to yell. And, when you yell, I think we can all agree that those are not the moments we are trying to savor. Please do not hear condemnation because I am totally preaching to the gal in the mirror on this one. You will be amazed at how much calmer your household will be when you begin speaking calmly and refusing to raise your voice.

You do not really accomplish much when you hurry and rush.  All you really end up doing is missing out on all of the little moments that made up the day. Then you collapse into bed exhausted with no memories made. Let’s just stop the rush, shall we?

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