Love, Darcy | Figuring out why you’re like that!

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Love, Darcy | Figuring out why you’re like that!

Every year we gather our four children, their spouses and our grandchildren together for a week of family vacation. It’s one of the most ambitious scheduling feats we ever attempt, but it is always worth it. Of course as parents and grandparents, there is such a feeling of contentment and gratitude as we are able to see and experience the totality of our branch of the family tree – all together, functioning as one wild, crazy and fun entity! But wait – we’re not the only ones who benefit from this whirlwind week:

  • Cousins get to lay the ground work for a lifetime of connection.
  • Spouses get to know the other siblings who played a role in their mate’s life and commiserate about landing in this family tree.:)
  • The sisters and sisters-in-law get to bond and become good friends
  • The brothers and brothers-in-laws get to widen their circle of guy friends and may even cross over to best friends.
  • Potential spouses (dating) get to see the whole kit and caboodle and decide if they’re really up to it.
  • Accountability, encouragement, enfolding strengthens each heart and family unit.
  • Every week adds up to a lifetime of living, loving and growing into a family – for better or for worse.

Each year we try to think of some activity we can do to get to know one other better. This year, we did the Adult Flag Page. It was so great to figure out which country we all hailed from and the dynamic that creates within our marriages, children’s lives and our friendships. We had an amazing variety all four countries – Fun Country, Peace Country, Perfect Country and Control Country. It was hilarious to hear over and over again, “So that’s why you’re like that” or “That’s why we get along so well, we’re from the same country.” Everyone had such a fun time doing the Adult Flag Page and we’re still talking about it. In fact, we all now have a common vocabulary to discuss and celebrate the different ways God made us. Next year, we might even go so far as to cut the guys from Fun Country some slack when it’s time to do our “Getting to Know You Better” activity and they’re just jabbering away. How’s that for the outcome of a family vacation? Here’s to fun, family and the future.   Love,Darcy

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