Extreme (the ride of your life) Grandparenting

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Extreme (the ride of your life) Grandparenting

Marriage is challenging. Raising children is challenging. But I’ve found (with but one grandchild and one soon to join us) that grandparenting is a whole set of different challenges. Not bad. Just different. I’ve heard a lot of folks say something like, “Well, they’re not my kids. Been there. Done that.” They load up their RV and head for who knows where. And while it’s true a grandparent has been there and done that with their own children, there is yet so much we can do as grandparents to influence and bless the next generation if we are purposeful and intentional about “being there” and “doing that” for them. Enter: Tim and Darcy Kimmel who give grandparents practical and poignant pointers on how to put the GRAND back into GRANDparenting in their book EXTREME GRANDparenting! As they share, “Word on the street is that 60 is the new 40!” Many in the grandparenting status (notice I did not say “age”) are still living life quite fast and full – so learning how to incorporate the grandparenting role while still living our own full life is essential for us. They helped me to keep in perspective how important and necessary my role is, and to not take that for granted. With our grandson (and his sweet folks) living in our home temporarily, it was helpful that the Kimmel’s also addressed how to address the topic of “when the grandkids move in.” It’s been a lot of fun, since the first two years of our grandson’s life-they were long distance. Another topic they cover! What have I learned? I have a job description. I am to learn to bless my grandchildren by speaking into their lives. What I do, how I spend time with them, stories I read and memories I share with them will all be a part of their lives and the legacy I’m to leave. We’ll all leave some kind of a legacy…what will it be? We have the opportunity to groom the next generation, and if any of listen to or read the news, we know there is a lot of work to be done! “In a balanced life,” say the Kimmel’s, “there’s plenty of room for the things that are important.” Whatever we do will be an investment. If we think of how carefully some try to plan their monetary investments, it’s with that same thought process we should plan how to invest into our grandchildren….with a pay off that is forever not just temporary. We can invest in them by teaching them hobbies we enjoy or taking them on little outings that convey our time with them is enjoyable, but above all, sharing a “contagious faith is a powerful cornerstone for our character” and that trumps everything! Having our daughter and her family living with us, has helped me to appreciate their great parenting skills, and I want to be sure that I am there to help, not take over nor be there in place of them. It’s a fine balance to find, but Kimmel’s have covered that topic well! Step grandchildren? Adopted grandchildren? When divorce rocks your child’s life? Spoiling? Kimmel’s cover it all. I get to put my almost 3 year old to bed tonight. That includes: potty, brush his teeth, read a story, say a prayer, and sing a song (he does not care that I can’t sing)….and then repeat it a few times in a particular order….before I kiss his cheek and turn out the lights….so excuse me…I have some memories to make while I leave my legacy! ====================


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