Mom’s Busy May

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Mom’s Busy May

  I don’t know about you, but for me May can be a crazy maker! It seems that school ramps up exponentially because anything and everything that has not gotten done needs to get done – from assignments to field trips! Add to that the graduation invitations, wedding invitations and finalizing the summer vacation plans and you might just find most moms reeling from calendar deadline and to do list overload! How about we just agree right now to put the brakes on crazy busy May and choose to stop and smell the roses…and all those other flowers that are out there blooming as a result of the promise of Spring. We can jump in and join the crazy, or we can choose to step back, take a deep breath and make the decision to purposefully set aside time to enjoy life, and our family. For me that begins with allowing “extra” time each day to relax through a bit more praise and worship music, some more lingering in the word of God and even a bit more “silly” attitude. My kids and I seem to be breaking out in song and dance more than usual, sharing funny videos and even chiding and joking each other with increased regularity! Because I am feeling pressed, rather than succumbing to being on edge I am choosing purposeful light heartedness – it is a choice after all! Sweet friends – whenever crazy schedules start to squeeze that is our cue to make a purposeful decision to seek peace and refuge. Here’s the best part of making that choice – our children are watching and learning and don’t we all want our children to learn how to combat stress? Maybe that’s why Mother’s Day is in May – to help us feel celebrated during this packed full month!   How do you battle against your crazy packed schedule?

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