The Life of a Mom – with No Regrets!

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The Life of a Mom – with No Regrets!

As a young mom, I longed for some me time, some free time at the end of a day. Raising a son with special needs and two daughters was a 24/7 kind of job….like every mom! There’s no vacation on vacation, there’s no pats on the back from the children in those early years. Yet, when I look back over being a mom, and a mom of a child with special needs, I have NO REGRETS!   Years ago I wrote a poem about wanting that free time and never finding it. Recently I published that poem (with a few new stanzas) in No Regrets. I’d like to share a few of those verses with you as an encouragement in your life as a mom!     No Regrets by Cindi Ferrini I woke up this morning and had my day planned, But yet He reshaped it with His tender hand. I do what He asks me no matter how small. I know that He guides me – hours minutes, and all.   I’ve wiped dishes and toilets, behinds, and some tears, And now I’m “done in” and wiped out from those dears! The day has just ended, all chores are now done. I’m ready for “me time,” relaxing, and fun!   Each night I think this is the one I will claim As mine to catch up, just relax, play a game. Each child has a need and like corn that is popping, With me they engage and there’s simply no stopping.   I know what You did with the loaves and the fish, So if I might ask of You one little wish… If in the near future there’s any time free, Would You please reconsider and give it to me?   The poem goes on to tell of this mother’s resolve in finding that free time.   Mom, let me encourage you…no matter what demands you have on your day: • A child with special needs – illness, seizures, sleeplessness nights • Children who are crying all day long • Not being able to get your nails done • Wishing you could just kick up your feet for 5 minutes • Desiring a outing or a trip just with your husband • Not being able to get dinner on the table on time or finish a load of laundry • And a million other things that make daily demands on you….   Your job is important, perhaps the most important job there is. You’re preparing the children for their future and the future of our country and the world. That is no easy task but one to take seriously. Be encouraged – they do grow up, and the time goes faster than you can imagine, although right now you won’t believe me!   “The days go by slowly…the years go by fast. We look to the future, too soon it’s the past!”   Enjoy today….with No Regrets!   Cindi Ferrini has published a book “No Regrets”. For your copy, please go to her site at – enjoy!    

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