Prayer is the Thing

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Prayer is the Thing

  In the past several years my prayer life has been many things. From the moment my husband said he was thinking of leaving to today, prayer has been my lifeline.  It was the source of my strength and peace. When things settled down and my single mom life became “normal,” it was my venting place…Seriously God?  became my most often uttered prayer. When my own sinfulness was vividly revealed to me, it was the means of my repentance, forgiveness and rest…still is. When things overwhelm me and hurt me, it’s my comfort and solace. Right now, prayer is the thing I want to do the most.  And yet, I struggle to make the time to do it. There are limitless things to pray about and for in my life right now.  Limitless. I believe my biggest prayer request right now would be about my children.  I’ve often prayed back Isaiah 54:13 “All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Oh Father, please teach my children about You…increase their love of you, their knowledge and wisdom, and strengthen their faith please.  Grant them to know that their only peace comes from you.

But I also need a fair amount of wisdom and knowledge.  I totally feel like I’m winging it way too much.  But it’s not on a wing and a prayer…it’s more just a wing.  I keep forgetting to pray.  I surprise myself that I even forget to pray with my children at bedtime sometimes.  I’m so tired and I just want them to go to sleep already!  And then I feel just awful.

Lord, please help me make prayer a bigger part of my children’s lives.  Thank you Lord that even though I fail to focus on you enough, your love never fails.

I used to homeschool my children.  We had Bible and prayer time and talked about spiritual things.  Now I’m lucky if I get us to church on time. And although I’m in the Word, I’m not sharing it with my children like I know I should.  Ugh.  Another thing to pray about.

Father, please give me a vision and the ability to encourage my children in their faith.

I wish I prayed more and wrote about it less…well I guess maybe I should say I wish that I prayed more and could write more positive things about my prayer life!

Father, please help me be a prayer warrior.

I hope that the next stage of my prayer life is one of powerful prayers.  I hope that I will become that prayer warrior I once was again.

Lord, thank you that you are always ready and willing to hear our prayers.  Thank you that our prayers are powerful because of You.  Thank you that you love us so very much.  Help us be brave and powerful prayer warriors for our families.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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