Baby Boomerangers :: When Adult Children Return Home

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Baby Boomerangers :: When Adult Children Return Home

  He’s probably the last one of our kids that we expected to move back home again. He’s the one who had a full ride to any Arizona University, but decided he wanted to explore his inner Texan and headed off to Texas A&M to kickoff a 10 year adventure in the Lone Star State.   And after spending the last five of those years getting married, relocating to Dallas, having two kids, planting a church and graduating from seminary, God was gracious enough to call Cody back to a ministry at our home church here in Arizona.   Not only is Cody back, but, much to our delight, he’s brought his wife, two kids and a dog who are presently occupying the entire second floor of our house.  Granted, it’s a temporary situation until their house in Dallas sells, but our serene, clean, relaxing empty nest is presently burgeoning with toys, boys, noise and stuff.   Of course, as grandparents, we love it. We’ll have the privilege of watching these little boys growing up and they’ll know us first hand instead of by Skype and occasional visits.   We have though been reminded many times a day (starting at 5am every morning) why God gives us our children when we’re young. I had forgotten how quickly little ones can trash a room and then be on to the next disaster. They’re like deafening doppelgängers of destruction that would make the hair stand up on the back of the neck of the most seasoned FEMA official.   The two-year-old asks more questions than the bar exam and the one year old can be dancing on top of the kitchen table before you can say, “No, no. We don’t need to climb up on the chair please.” How do they do that? Do they take lessons or watch a video on YouTube? The sophistication with which they disappear for 15 seconds and rearrange an entire room can’t just be innate, can it?   In the book, Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride of Your Life, we talk about the privilege us grandparents have to influence a whole new generation for the kingdom of God. Many times it involves hard work and patience but, a midst the messes and meltdowns, God takes our efforts and turns them into love and memories for our grandchildren. That’s what we’re getting to do right now all because one of our kids moved back home for a while. Are we blessed or what!?     Here’s to delightful disasters and the second time around,   Love, Darcy

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