Resource of the Month :: Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

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Resource of the Month :: Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

Poise, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace based parenting, Family Matters Blog, Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right, Parenting, Resources   Poise is gentle strength. It’s a working knowledge of the two extremes of life and the ability to balance between them. Life has a hard side and a soft side. Jesus’ public ministry illustrated this every day. He knew the proper use of tears and laughter, muscle and reason, leadership and servanthood. He could sit in the dirt with lepers, get up, wash His hands and dine with royalty. He knew when it was time to stand and fight, and He knew the hour of surrender. Jesus showed the most poise at His darkest hour. On the cross He maintained His concern for His mother, His compassion for the misguided crowd, His mercy for the repenting soul, and His respect for His Father. No environment is more conducive to the teaching of poise than the home. A conscientious mom and dad are in the best position to observe, instruct, evaluate, and critique their benefits of our loving nurture as they move with confidence into their adult years.    

  Good kids don’t happen by accident. Every parent hopes their kids will turn out right.  They pray that when their children leave the nest, they will be ready to face the world. And they hope that their kids will be equipped to stand strong in life’s battles. There are no shortcuts to successful parenting – no secret formulas to raising kids of strength and character.  However, there are steps you can take to prepare your children for the challenges ahead. But you’ll need an effective game plan. With warmth and conviction, Tim Kimmel outlines a strategy for positive parenting – a plan that gives you reachable goals, while allowing for your personal parenting style. You have only a few short years with your child…make the most of the time you have.  

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