Advancing Grace

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Advancing Grace

Each month our Director of Advancement Michael Tooker and Assistant Director of Advancement Michelle Broek will share stories of how the Grace message is impacting the lives of our constituents. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Do you want to hear a good (God) story?  Good stories illustrate what happens when God’s grace and mercy intersect an individual in a life-altering way. Good stories reflect the radical difference it makes when God gets a hold of someone’s heart. I want to give you a glimpse into the life of a family that is experiencing the message of grace first hand.  In 2007, Lisa’s 25 year old daughter Sheena was in a car accident and would later die from complications.  Her son-in-law was speeding and lost control of the car, resulting in Sheena’s tragic death.  Sheena left behind two young daughters. Lisa struggled daily with a deep sorrow over the loss. To outsiders her life “appeared” the same, yet nothing she knew worked any longer.  There were days, even years, she couldn’t bring herself to leave the couch. Her sweet granddaughters wouldn’t have their mom to teach them how to paint their nails, bake cupcakes or pick out that perfect prom dress. They were robbed of these sweet joys all too young.  Her son-in-law’s pride attempted to put a wedge between Lisa and her granddaughters.  Perhaps his own guilt and heartbreak caused him to lash out at Lisa and she was even forced to seek legal action just to see her granddaughters. If ever a perfect time to shake her fist at God this would have been it.  But God had a different plan for Lisa. Lisa had always “believed” in God but didn’t know she too could have a personal relationship with Him. A coworker invited Lisa to a Bible study and the message was about loving your enemy.  It was here through the strength of the Holy Spirit that Lisa forgave  her son-in-law.  She experienced God’s grace first hand – in a deep and profound way. Lisa said the message of GRACE presented at a Family Matters parenting conference gave her the tools she needed to reset her life.  She emphatically declared “Praise God! I am a new Christian and loving the absolute truth and love of our Lord.” When I asked her what has God’s grace meant in her life, she said “It’s not my life; my hands and feet are His.” God’s love and sovereignty have prevailed in every aspect of this journey.

Lisa, her husband Jason and their grand daughters in 2008.
Family Matters is here to encourage and serve your family through all of life’s stages and we are confident that God will continue to write stories of His amazing grace in your life.  

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