Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: August 7

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Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: August 7

Grace, Plus Sign, Marriage, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Filled Marriage, Darcy Kimmel, Family Matters, Quote of the Day   Grace is the equilibrium we apply to all the conditions and challenges that allow our marital love to improve with age. Grace is the plus sign to all of the negatives inherent to a partnership. Grace is the vintage agent to a covenant love that otherwise becomes flat. Grace is the deal maker in a “til death do us part” commitment. Grace is much more than trying harder. It’s about Jesus. He’s the God of grace. He’s the wellspring of grace. He’s the beginning, the delivery system, and the follow-through program of grace. There is no grace-filled without the author of grace. Without Him, all you end up with is “nice”. Nice is nice, but it won’t carry you through the deep waters of marriage.    

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