Dear Miley

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Dear Miley

Dear Miley, We owe you an apology. We who watched. We who purchased. We who consumed. We built you your house on that high hill, and here we are, feigning shock at your descent. We used you up, and we are sorry. There are those that say we should all just stop talking about this. That talking about it feeds it. I can see where they’re coming from, but unless we all collectively agree that we’ll never allow movies, TV or music to make another person famous, then that’s a moot point. We’ve got to talk about why we see this script acted out again and again. We need to talk about why we continue to take that ancient book of lies off the shelf and read it to ourselves line by line. We need to remind ourselves of the truth. We need to talk about this, sweet sister, because you’re worth it. You have intrinsic value. You have the image of God written on your DNA and breathed through your soul. You aren’t the sum total of your talents and flaws. You aren’t a collection of achievements and folly. Who you are isn’t defined by MTV or TMZ or GQ. Who you are is defined by GOD. You are worth the Son to the Father. And so are we. So are our children. So is your friend Robin Thicke. What if we all start believing the truth about ourselves? How different would the world look? How different would we treat each other? How liberated would we be then? If we look at each other and see echoes of the Divine, how much more will we love and respect each other? That emptiness inside of every human heart is filled with only One. The more you are full of Him the less you will seek the approval of them. We know that because we learned it the hard way too…we just didn’t have to learn it on camera.     With love, The Redeemed     *Authors Note: I wrote another post a while back to Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus when a GQ article came out stating Billy Ray said he regretted everything and he would go back and erase it all if he could get his family back. It seems especially relevant now.

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