Family Matters :: Social Media & New Mobile App!

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Family Matters :: Social Media & New Mobile App!

Hello friends! As the Director of Communications with Family Matters, I wanted to take a moment to update you on our current social media strategy and introduce our new mobile web site app. As many of you know, our blog is the hub of our social media strategy. We update it several times a week with new content from Tim, Darcy, our team, and our guest bloggers – all delivering messages of grace with topics that we hope help you as you seek a Biblical world view in your everyday lives. Part of our blogging strategy includes broadcasting our newest posts using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. These platforms give us points of connection with followers & friends, as well as potential to be shared with a broader audience exchanging thoughts and ideas out on the internet. We hope if you use any of these platforms that you will follow our links on the blog and follow or like our pages. Next, we use Instagram and Pinterest to help us connect with users that love photos, graphics, and other web content. These sites are very fun and interactive, so please feel free to join in the exchange! Closing out of social media platforms, we use Vimeo and YouTube for video posts related to our Grace Based Messages. You will find hours of great free content on these sites from some of our conferences, trainings and interviews. These clips are a great way to introduce new followers to our messages of grace and we welcome you to click, enjoy, and share them with your networks. Finally, we would love to introduce you to our new mobile web site app. This tool is perfect for those of you hoping to take Family Matters content with you wherever you carry a smart phone or tablet. If you’d like to enjoy our content on your smart phone just click Mobile Phone App from your device and save our icon to your home screen. It will look and fell similar to your other apps and we encourage you to visit it regularly for our new content being updated daily. If you prefer to have the same mobile website app icon on your tablet just click Tablet App from your tablet device and save our icon to your home screen. Go check them out now, and if you like them, please share these links with your networks as well! These changes are part of our overall goal to get more content to our followers in a format that they value and will use. We welcome your comments and feedback, and please know how much we appreciate all of you.   -Michael Regan

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