Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: September 3

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Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: September 3

LightYears     “…What I am going to say next is very important when it comes to understanding the greater message of this book: you can get all the biblical principles of marriage right and still miss the greater point of marriage by light-years. That’s because the biblical principles of marriage assume a context of God’s overarching grace. Without a commitment to living out biblical principles in a grace-filled marriage, the guidelines in those passages can be turned into sledgehammers in the hands of married couples. We’ve seen it happen. But just as the teaching in those passages represents God’s design for how marriages operate, God’s gracious example as a husband as well as his overarching teaching on grace throughout Scripture represent how marriages are supposed to feel. Grace is what we need to create the marriage we’ve always longed for.”    

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