Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: Sept 19

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Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: Sept 19

Grace Filled Marriage, Grace Based parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Darcy Kimmel, marriage, wedding, grace   When we connect the dots between having a strong hope and harnessing our spouse’s God-given abilities, the strength of our marriage increases exponentially. Together we become greater than the sum of our parts. This is why we’ve got to be honest about the toxic power we wield in our spouse’s life when we mock their dreams or disparage their attempts to try something new. There’s an old adage that says, “You’re either doubled or halved on your wedding day.” Grace-filled couples quadruple each other’s potential. In the process, the strength of their marriage, and the hope it offers to others, allows them to leave their footprints all over the future – even long after they’re gone.  

  This book is filled with hope and encouragement with chapters such as “A Grace-Filled Perspective” and “Grace Frees You to be Different and Vulnerable”. Dr. Tim Kimmel and his wife, Darcy Kimmel, explain how Grace has been the best thing for their marriage and how it’s the best gift you can give for your own marriage. Give yourself the gift of grace!

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