Taking Family Photos isn’t for Sissies

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Taking Family Photos isn’t for Sissies

They’re probably not some of the most popular emails that I compose all year, but they are necessary and they are expected by the recipients. What am I talking about? The dreaded “family photo” emails. In the interest of full disclosure, these emails are sent to everyone involved so that no one can feign ignorance when it comes to compliance.   First comes the sincerely nice reminder email that says it’s that time of year again. (Hooray, Hooray!) This is followed by the necessary details negotiation emails as we agree upon the date, time, location, and attire. (Major eye rolls.) Then finally, as the days count down, come the threatening emails that promise the death of a pet if they don’t show up. (Just kidding, I love our grand dogs but so do they and I’m hoping this scares the stew out of them).   Then the day of the photo arrives and I start getting emails from them. “Are we still doing this?” “Does anyone have a black shirt that will fit so and so?” “Can we wear flip flops?” Yes, yes, and NO!   This year, with Tim’s travel schedule, work schedules, sports schedules, and nap schedules, we had a one night window of about 45 minutes to take the photo. Traffic and a late work meeting cut that time down to about 20 minutes which was really all the time we needed when we looked at the results. Believe me 25 more minutes would not have made any difference. It would have only resulted in more taps on the delete key.   Now I know that most of you reading this blog are identifying with this annual scenario one way or another. Some of you are saying, “I feel your pain. This is one of the hardest feats I accomplish all year.” But most of you are saying, “I hate the family photo. Why can’t we just hire actors for this gig or just use a stock photo from the internet?” Believe me, I’ve actually considered these alternatives and more.   Are we the only family that goes through this every year or do you agree that this family photo stuff isn’t for sissies? That only the strong and persistent succeed?   If you think it’s hard to get two kids and a dog to pose for a photo, you should try getting 5 men, 4 women, 2 tweens, 2 toddlers and a baby to smile at the same time. Never mind getting them to stop crying, running away, complaining, and staying off their phones.   We learned early on in this family photo taking business, the only thing that really gets everyone cooperating is a bribe. It used to be a lollipop, now it involves high priced restaurants and promises of future babysitting. But it’s worth it. After all who would believe the stories about family photos if we didn’t have actual pictures to prove them. Let’s hear it for Photoshop.   Here’s to beautiful smiles and capturing family memories, Love, Darcy    

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