Putting Thanksgiving in its Place

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Putting Thanksgiving in its Place

  At this time of year there is a lot of well-meaning and rational commentary about giving Thanksgiving its due acknowledgement. About stopping to specifically focus on the bounty bestowed upon us even in the midst of challenges and trials. About honoring the original revelers who had so much for which to be grateful by being grateful ourselves. Not to mention the patriotic element of this uniquely American celebration.  (What is Canadian Thanksgiving anyway??  Never mind – I’ll look it up on Wikipedia.) Anyway, I agree with you all – wholeheartedly; thanks for the front and center reminder.  We all need it, especially given that this intentional pause really does help suppress the potentially overwhelming commercialism and superficiality of the “holiday season.”  But . . .   I don’t feel badly about putting Thanksgiving in its place.  Second place.  And this is why.   The Pilgrims’ arrival didn’t fulfill a miraculous prophecy.  Christ’s birth did.   The first Thanksgiving celebration didn’t pave a way for us to be reconciled with our heavenly Father for eternity. Christmas does.   No one on the Mayflower manifest was God walking among us as Love personified.  Jesus was.   So, as far as I am concerned let the festivities begin as early as the advertisers will agree on and as long as my homeowner’s association will allow.  Don’t misunderstand me – I really do support the spirit behind the efforts to make sure that the heart of Thanksgiving doesn’t get forgotten at this time of year.  But, the more time I get to focus on Christmas, the better.    

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