Home Grown Heroes :: Quote of the Day :: Dec 17

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Home Grown Heroes :: Quote of the Day :: Dec 17

Home Grown Heroes, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting, Family Matters, Quote of the Day, Quotes, Courage, Parenting   How often do you mention the word courage around your kids? If your kids went into the Marine Corps, it would be part of the curriculum in basic training. If they were to become police officers or fire fighters, it would be part of their normal education. We can do the same thing. Courage can be part of our daily vocabulary. It only makes sense. If we want courage to be part of our kids’ lifestyles, we must speak of it consistently. Just as we teach table manners or the disciplines of a musical instrument, we should talk to our children about living courageously. Remind them that it takes courage to make up with their siblings, it takes courage to turn off the television and get after their homework, and it takes courage to maintain their focus on a specific goal.    

  You sense it already. Your kids need courage, or frankly, they may not make it. Without a plan, neither will you. Home Grown Heroes provides practical principles for raising courageous kids. Pick up your copy of “Home Grown Heroes” today and start preparing your children for the future.  

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