Home Grown Heroes :: Quote of the Day :: Dec 24

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Home Grown Heroes :: Quote of the Day :: Dec 24

Home Grown Heroes, Family Matters, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Resource of the Month, Quote of the Day, Quotes, Courage   Once we’ve accepted the existence of the seed, we need to do specific things to help it grow. It needs to be firmly planted in the deepest regions of our children’s greatest areas of need. For the record, every child is born with three driving inner needs. They have a need for a secure love, a significant purpose, and a strong hope. Plant the seed of courage into the heart of these three unquenchable needs and there is no stopping the potential you unleash.    

  You sense it already. Your kids need courage, or frankly, they may not make it. Without a plan, neither will you. Home Grown Heroes provides practical principles for raising courageous kids. Pick up your copy of “Home Grown Heroes” today and start preparing your children for the future.  

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