31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse {Day 9 :: Honesty}

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31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse {Day 9 :: Honesty}


“The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them.”

Prov. 11:3(ESV)

  Integrity….sound values….seems to be a dying character trait that we can easily view the decline as we look around us in families, the neighborhood, the community, the media, politics, and even religious circles. How easy it must be to slip into “crookedness” when the enticement seems so fulfilling: more money, power, sex, things – yet no sin will lead one to being truly fulfilled – it eventually leads to one’s destruction.   Let’s pray for our spouse to be a person of integrity – praying and listening to the Lord as the moral compass and guide for all their decisions – in the home, on the job and in the church and community. As we pray, let’s take notice of the “right” decisions they make and praise them for choosing the right way. Let’s also thank the Lord for the “upright” character and honesty they possess in a world that is constantly tugging for their attention. Praying that our spouse would reflect Christ to our children and those around us would allow for others to see what integrity really looks like – in a real person, not just by definition.   31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse, Family Matters, Honesty, Cindi Ferrini  

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