Resource of the Month :: Social Media

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Resource of the Month :: Social Media

  Are you living in a fast paced life? Need your news in 140 characters or less? Still want a taste of grace in your life each day?   We have the perfect social media outlet for you!   Come join us on Twitter (@Family_Matters) and be up to date on the latest news, events, and blogs for Family Matters.  We often will be posting about upcoming events that Dr. Tim Kimmel will be either presenting or featured at. We also will link back to our blog or website for additional news or daily inspiration.  We try to retweet as much as possible from our own Twitter community and share other great Grace Based resources for our followers.   Some of our most commonly used hashtags are: #gracebasedparenting , #FMBlog , #grace and most recently #31DOP when we were tweeting about our “31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse” series we launched in January. We also use #GBP(year) for linking our Grace Based Parenting events together – if you would like to see what we did in 2013 just search the hashtag #GBP2013 – you’ll find a plethora of tweets and retweets about how attendees responded to Dr. Tim Kimmel’s message on Grace Based Parenting.   If you would also like to follow Dr. Tim Kimmel (@TimKimmel) he provides great snippets of grace throughout his travels, meetings, or just shares whatever inspires him that day.   Please feel free to tag us in a tweet to share a resource or call attention to a certain event or ministry – we love adding to our online community!   #SeeYouOnTwitter    

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