Resource of the Month :: Social Media

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Resource of the Month :: Social Media

  What is the fastest growing social media platform today?  Instagram. Have you started your own account?  You should.   Family Matters has been on Instagram (@gracebasedparenting) for over a year now and we absolutely adore looking at all of our community’s photographs!   We use Instagram to reach out to our community even more and love the features of this social media platform.  By simply double tapping on your smart phone screen, you can ‘like’ someone’s image.  You can also ‘tag’ a friend in the comments section of the photograph to bring others to that image.  Hashtags are also used in this platform; you can see evidence of this if you search #31DOP or #gracebasedparenting – we try to use hashtags in each post so that our images can be easily found on Instagram.   Family Matters used Instagram every day for the “31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse” series and it was a huge success!  Our followers were tagging and sharing our images which were made up of the daily devotional’s bible verse.  What a great way to get  The Good Word out there!  We also use Instagram to announce events, share LIVE at the events, show snippets of what’s on the blog, and anything we find inspirational.  We encourage our followers to ‘double tap’ or ‘tag a friend’ so that they can go back to these images at a later time and enjoy them all over again. You see, once you ‘like’ and image, it’s saved on your own profile as a ‘favorite picture’ – allowing the user to revisit images that they once liked.  By tagging a friend, they will be directed to that image and they too can ‘like’ and ‘save’ this image to their favorites.  It’s sharing and saving Grace in your life in a whole new way.   We try to follow everyone that follows us on Instagram and we promise that we will never overload your Instagram feed!   Here are some sample pictures of what you’ll find on our Instagram account! 31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based ParentingGrace Based Parenting         Please follow us @gracebasedparenting and start double-tapping today!    

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