When Life’s NOT a Picnic

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When Life’s NOT a Picnic

  As the west relishes above normal winter temperatures, the east thaws from another polar vortex. Hiking in shorts and picnics in the park take place rather than shoveling snow and sporting down parkas.   When I ponder the perfect picnic, I imagine a serene scene with my family lounging on a woven blanket in the shade of a broad leaf tree. The wicker basket sits bursting with delectable treats to be savored with a mouthful of refreshing homemade lemonade.   In truth, actual life rarely plays out so peacefully. Unmet needs and selfish actions often interrupt, imposing intrusions to the serenity.   We’re made for so much more than strife, loneliness, jealousy, malcontent, apathy, despair and greed.   I’ve come to learn, when we posture our lives on the fabric of God’s grace, the peace of God prevails.   The blanket we’re to rest on cannot be bought. We receive grace freely and in return we’re to pause and weave the threads of grace on the loom of obedience.  

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—Ephesians 2:8

  Dr. Tim Kimmel unpacks Biblical grace within the context of marriage and parenting to help you and I return to the serene scene in the garden of unspoiled communion with God and each other.   Our souls crave it. Our families need it.   Security, significance and strength interlace with the freedom to be different, the freedom to be vulnerable, the freedom to make mistakes and the freedom to be candid.   Needs are met. Freedom reigns.   Our humble posture to remain in the place of grace summons peace among people, expressly within marriage and family. To learn how to administer grace in your marriage and home read Grace-filled Marriage and Grace-Based Parenting.    

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