A Parent’s Checklist

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A Parent’s Checklist

What is it about a child’s wedding that gives us parents a sense that we can put a big check mark on our subconscious parental check list? Yes, we’ve been checking off these items since they were born. √  Sleep through the night √  Potty trained √  Dress themselves √  Ride a bike √  Make their bed √  Clean their room √  Drive a car √  Go to college/train for a career √  Get a job But when you get to the point when your child gets married and begins another limb on the family tree, you feel like you’ve made a huge accomplishment and delivered them to the future. At least that’s how we recently felt when our youngest son, and final child, got married. Yes, we’ll always be his Mom and Dad and we’ll see him frequently and continue to be his greatest cheerleaders. But we no longer have to worry whether he’s safely home at night or if he’s got food in the refrigerator or whether his car is working. Not that we lost much sleep over any of those concerns once he was out on his own, but until he was the head of his own household, we kind of felt a sense of responsibility to be part of a Plan B. Now that he’s said “I do”, we can step back and enjoy all the fruit of our labor as we see him love his new wife and make a life for them. Four kids, four weddings, four wonderful kids in law. Check, Check, Check!!! Thank you Lord! You deserve all the credit.   Here’s to new families and more grandkids, Love, Darcy

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