Resource of the Month :: Social Media

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Resource of the Month :: Social Media

Do you have your phone permanently attached to your hip or hand?   That’s great!   Family Matters has you covered for Grace on the Go!   We have a mobile website app already in place for you to keep up to date on events, the blog, or even if you wish to listen to a Family Matters Minute on the go.  Just click Here from your mobile device and save our icon to your phone’s home screen. This icon will then function just like the other apps you already have on your phone!   While you’re on your phone, text GRACE to 95577 to get direct grace-filled text messages from Family Matters straight to your phone!  Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of this resource and we’d love to grow this community even more.   For a quick demonstration and a peek at all of our social media platforms, please visit our YouTube channel and watch this video with Karis Murray, our Creative Director.   Now, no matter where you go or where you are – you have a community of grace and love supporting you every step of the way!      

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