Resource of the Month :: Social Media


Resource of the Month :: Social Media

  Let’s face it; life is busy.   Whether you’re a stay at home parent, a full time working parent, a retired grandparent or even a student – your life is filled with schedules, meetings, deadlines and responsibilities.  You may not have the time to peruse our lovely website on a daily basis.  Shocking, I know.   We have a tool in our Social Media department that can help put a reminder for you to fill your day with grace, if only for a minute or two.   It’s our Family Matters Newsletter!   Once you click on the “Tools” page of our main website, you’ll see a list on the right side. One of those link options is for our Newsletter, here is a screen shot for help:   Newsletter, Family Matters, Grace based parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel     Click on that and you’ll see this screen:   Newsletter, Family matters, Grace Based parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel     We have two main Newsletters options for you to choose from; our bi-weekly option which includes an overview of articles written by Dr. Tim Kimmel and Darcy Kimmel, parenting tips, and much more OR you can choose our blog newsletter which sends the daily blog post right to you – so convenient! {psst – you can sign up for BOTH if you like} Enter your email and hit submit! So easy!   And even better, we have a third newsletter you may enjoy – a daily email for the “31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse” or “31 Days of Prayer for your Children” which sends the daily devotional to you every morning until those 31 days are up.   I know we all hate junk mail, but wouldn’t it be great to also get a daily or weekly email that provided grace, support, knowledge, love and JESUS into your life?!   P.S. Having these newsletters is also a great way to share Family Matters and its message with your friends and family by simply forwarding these newsletter emails!    

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