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The opportunities for kids’ today are endless…

  • Foreign exchange opportunities in Australia
  • Speed and agility classes
  • College prep classes in 2nd grade
  • Tech camps where your baby can learn to make iPhone apps
  • Gaming design teen camp
  • Enrichment, honors and AP courses for students completing PreK through grade 12
  • 24/7 athletics
  • Advanced instrumentation for the gifted
  • 24/7 athletics (because you know your kid is going PRO)
  • A spot on Dance Mom’s elite team of certifiably crazy moms

We are running at break neck speeds to help our kids advance, move ahead, know more Bible verses (Glory to God), bring more visitors, lead the pack, be the best, have the sweetest, play more instruments (because God knows your opportunities exponentially increase when you play the piano and the accordion), kick harder, have hipper/fresher dance moves, the bestest real lava launching volcano and the kid at the lunch table with the raddest Hee Haw lunch box!! I think you get the idea. So here is a cool parenting concept you might consider.


Let them…

  • JUST play Lego’s
  • JUST help you cook in the kitchen
  • JUST let them attend football games with their friends
  • JUST let them skip school to go fishing with you
  • JUST let them listen music instead of playing 10 hours a week
  • JUST let them pick out their own clothes even if they look ridiculous
  • JUST let them come home from school, sit on the couch, watch the tube and be lazy sometimes
  • JUST let them jump on the tramp even if they might break something (mine just did!!)
  • JUST let them fall asleep in your bed (not every night because that makes it hard to get a lil somin – somin…wink,wink)

And let me just close by saying that I am all for pushing my kiddos.  I believe that God has given your children to ability to change the world. However… When they start to become adults at 5, when we push them because our identity depends on it, when we expect more, expect better percentages and drag them from event to event… It might be time to take it down a notch and let them be freakin kids! What is 1 thing you need to STOP doing today?  The 1 thing you do that pushes your young en’s into adult mode? ***********

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