Claimed:: A Gospel Poem

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Claimed:: A Gospel Poem

Claiming shame and claiming pride. All on Jesus, crucified. Claiming sorrow. Claiming pain. All for these He rose again.   Circumvent our fallen hearts; The Savior plays His sacred part. All for sinners, all the same. Heaven’s Earth-song in refrain.   Claiming debt for Satan lied. All by mercy, justified. Claiming death, our fate deny. Now liberty’s the flag we fly.   Lives of struggle, now restart! The Temple’s holy curtains part. All for love that’s all aflame. Undeserv-ed, yet renamed.   Claiming, “Freedom!” Boldly, cried. All by Spirit, sanctified. Claiming justice. Claiming might. The breadth and depth and length and height,   of love He has for wounded hearts. Product of the Maker’s art. All for glory. All for gain. Broken vessels speak Your fame.   Claiming birthright, Heaven-side. All by grace is glorified. Claimed for vict’ry. Claimed for peace. All that His name might increase.  

By Karis Kimmel Murray 2014


Happy Easter from Family Matters. He is risen!!!!!

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