Mothering :: At Max {IN}Efficiency

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Mothering :: At Max {IN}Efficiency

  I have never been able to hide the fact that I am “Type A” by nature. I thrive on not only having a plan but executing that plan- with maximum efficiency. I am the kind of woman who comes home from the grocery store and simultaneously cleans out the refrigerator, puts away the new groceries, AND makes lunch… all at the same time.   I am getting amped up just thinking about it.   Now while my home doesn’t run as smoothly as say, Danny Tanner’s (gratuitous “Full House” reference), this penchant for precision has benefited me quite well in both my working and non-working stages of life.   (Wait, did I just say being a housewife was “non-working?” Forgive me- that is WHOLLY inaccurate.)   All that aside, I’ve discovered that there’s at least one part of my life that actually requires me to run at maximum inefficiency if I really want to get good at what I’m doing. You know what it is?   Motherhood.   While it’s my nature to pack all I can into each waking moment of the day, I’ve observed that it really limits my opportunities to connect with my children’s hearts. Kids seem to need us most at times that are not convenient, not to mention not within the confines of a schedule.   As I began to scrutinize my day to day in an attempt to recover these lost opportunities, I had to ask myself some tough questions. Did I want my children to…   …look over during swim lessons and see me occupied with my phone? OR smiling, waving, and throwing them a thumbs up now and then?   …constantly hear me hassling them to “hurry up?” OR patiently guiding them (over the course of 10 minutes) to get their shoes on?   …spend most of their time alone while I take care of chores? OR have fond memories of playtime with mom?   …give up on asking me for something because the answer is always “no” or “later?” OR feel comfortable coming to me for anything at anytime?   When it comes to my kids, I’ve decided that the best mantra is “it can wait.” Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that nothing gets accomplished while the little lord and lady of the house are awake.   However, when I consciously step out of my Type A mind, I suddenly remember that my first priority is connecting my kids with the heart of God. What good is a completely checked-off To Do List without love and grace filling that (spotless) home?   Don’t forget- Danny Tanner had back-up. And the benefit of being a fictional character.   Yes, to me it is a little unnerving to change the way I look at the precious resource that is time. But, I’ve forced nature to take a backseat on this one so I can let the Spirit nurture within me an appreciation for an even greater blessing- God’s timing.    

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