A Less Rules Summer

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A Less Rules Summer

  Yes, I know every home needs rules to run smoothly, but come on…don’t you remember the thrill of summer when you were a kid?   I sure do.   I remember that giddy feeling of not having to study for three whole months and the promise of no schedules. (Yeah remember when summer break was from Memorial Day until after Labor Day?)  I have memories of sleeping in a bit, slow paced meals, outdoor exploration, day long board games, water fights, lightening bug catching, kickball tournaments, even the chores were done with more frivolity…ah, summer time and the livin’ was easy.   What has happened to most of us these days? It seems that even during the summer everyone is on a tight schedule and all wound up about performance and getting lots done.   I think we need to learn a few things from our past. Yes, get done what needs to get done, but may I suggest you also add in some laid back days? Some silliness and memory making – good old fashioned hanging out with each other fun!   If you are not sure what fun looks like for your crew, then brainstorm with your family. Pose the question, “If you could have free time to do whatever you wanted what three things would you like to do before the end of the summer?” Then write those answers down on slips of paper and place them in a “memory making jar” and at least once a week draw one out and make sure that free time adventure happens.   You could even be real wild and crazy and draw one out a day!   We grown ups need to remember that “school’s out for the summer” feeling and just go crazy and be intentional about “being” instead of “doing” this summer.   The memories you will make will help you grow in relationship with your children. That’s an accomplishment worth achieving over your summer – don’t ya think?    

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