Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 5

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Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 5

  “We each function in several key circles of support: work, church, school, interest groups, close friends, and, last but most important, the family. High-control bosses, manipulative managers, power-broker pastors, influence-peddling friends, and controlling family members slip through the cracks of our personalities and suck out our potential. They put our individuality in a straight jacket and take it upon themselves to redefine us according to their whims. This book explores the thin line between love and control – the control that happens when leaders muscle, nurturers panic, lovers selfishly manipulate, and one family member violates the values and value of another family member. It’s about relationships under siege from within, individuals held hostage by the people they love and count on the most. And it’s written to help those who harm as well as those who are hurt – to help them understand how over-control murders the human spirit. It offers understanding and hope to both kinds of people. Scattered throughout the pages of this book are keys showing the oppressor and the oppressed how they can unchain themselves from punishing personalities. They’ll learn how to free themselves, their families, and all those with whom they associate to be all God intended them to be.”   High Cost of High Control, Resource of the Month, Family Matters, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace based parenting      

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