Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 19

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Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 19

“No matter how we slice it, when we assume control in areas of people’s lives where God has not privileged us, it inevitably backfires. When we tally the negative effects of controlling some other person’s life, it’s easy to see why it isn’t worth it. Let me list a few reasons:  

  • Regardless of the how wise or well-meaning our control over another person may be, he will resist even the most loving suggestions.
  • The person we try to control will find it difficult to trust us. Therefore he will also be reluctant to confide in us.
  • We could end up resenting the people we’re controlling, because they have come so dependent on us that they’re now a burden.
  • Ultimately, we will see control affect our ability to enjoy genuine intimacy within our closest relationships. For married couples, high control can destroy their ability to respond in healthy and happy ways in their sexual lives.
  • High control destroys the free exchange of confidence and loyalty between parents and children.
  • Controlling others’ lives can exact a high price physically. The stress of controlling others can make us sick.

  Obviously, control doesn’t pay – it costs.  To remove it from our relational repertoire, we need to understand why and how we do it. Then we’ll be able to change…”   High Cost of High Control, Family Matters, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace based parenting, Resource of the Month   Interested in learning more about your controlling behavior or the controllers in your life? You can purchase your own copy of High Cost of High Control from our online store today!  

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