Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 24

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Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 24

  “There’s no doubt that controlling others by “mugging” works. It also stinks!  The capacity to emotionally mug others seems to be innate within the human heart. It only comes to the surface if we let it out, and it gains effectiveness the more we use it. Obviously, those who use this method need to confess, repent, and apologize to the those they’ve hurt.   It’s also apparent that those who put up with this kind of control are merely positioning themselves for a major crisis. Nobody wants to be a sacrifice for another person’s selfishness.”     High Cost of High Control, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters, Resource of the Month       Curious what “mugging” means and could YOU be emotionally “mugging” those around you? Find out with your own copy of Dr. Tim Kimmel’s “High Cost of High Control”!        

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