No Time? Watch for God’s Handprint

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No Time? Watch for God’s Handprint

  Having a child with special needs has my time pretty well structured and full. I often say I have “no time” for extra things. But 3-4 times a month my friend Lisa provides Joey with afternoon rides home from work, providing me with an hour of free time, freedom, and time to ENJOY whatever I choose! A while ago was one of those days….my free hour to do as I please!   I had just told Joe, “I’m feeling rather caught up on things, so I think I’ll work on a project that’s been sitting around for quite some time.” I got my project out – and that’s when the phone rang.   My dear friend, a mom of two beautiful special needs little girls, had locked her keys in her car while at therapy for the girls, asking me if there was any way I could help her out. I was so thankful I was home and available and that I had an hour to help. Her home, car, and kids (who were attended by a family member at their therapy) were not far from where we live, so my time to help her wasn’t even a full hour, but the point is…I had it. (Don’t think I’m trying to impress you here….read on!)   Take a step further: My daughter needed to get to St. Louis for auditions. Having asked several people to accompany her yielded no takers. Neither Joe nor I could go because we were to be out of town, but my sister (yes, Aunt Susie who everyone wishes they had as an aunt and helps a lot with Joey, but whom I’ll not share) was willing to rearrange a number of things in her schedule, drive 3 hours to our daughter, then 6.5 more to St. Louis with her – accompanying her not only on the drive, but for the entire weekend.   When we have times we feel like nothing is going our way, when life stinks (you know what I’m talking about), when we just can’t seem to get “time” to ourselves, or whatever our complaint….let’s remember the days like I just shared – when things do work out in a way we couldn’t have planned had we tried.   If you’re caring for someone with special needs, look for God’s handprint on your days, be appreciative for those who help you, and look for ways to help others.

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