Back to School for Parents Too

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Back to School for Parents Too

  Help prepare your kids for their big day with these five great back-to-school tips (for parents)!   1. Start the school year off on a positive note. Use every opportunity to encourage your child and project a positive year for them. Assure them that you will be there right along with them and together you’ll tackle any challenge that comes up.   2. Set the Stage. Make sure your child has everything they need to succeed in school including properly marked supplies, equipment and electronics and a quiet, organized place to do homework.   3. Keep on top of things. Don’t loose track of your child’s progress in school or their relationships with fellow students because you’re too busy or distracted. Many problems can be avoided by dealing with the early stages of getting behind, feeling overwhelmed or going down the wrong path with a friend.   4. Be a good example. Share a love of learning with them. Read while they read. Don’t remind them how bad you are at math. Keep the TV off while they’re doing their homework. Keep off the phone during study hours.   5. Partner up with God through the power of prayer. As much as a parent can do for their child to make this a great school year, they can’t do everything. But God can step in on our behalf and fill in the gaps with His infinite love and wisdom. Daily place your children in God’s care and watch Him work in your own life and the lives of your children.  


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