5 Ways to Encourage the Heart of Your Student

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5 Ways to Encourage the Heart of Your Student

  As the new school year draws near or (as in Arizona, where we live) has already begun, there is a lot that we can do to improve the overall climate of our home. Here are just a few things we can do as parents to prepare our kids physically, mentally and spiritually to have a great year of school!  

  • Eat Together as a Family – according to research, this does more to improve a child’s academic performance than anything else.
  • Get Plenty of Rest – Not only do brains and bodies work better with enough rest, but a child’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing is greatly determined by adequate rest.
  • Know Your Child’s Learning Style – Being a student of your student helps you to encourage and challenge him successfully. Check out these two fantastic tools: The Way They Learn and The Kids Flag Page.
  • Cultivate the Seed of Courage – Courage is the missing ingredient in many children’s formula for success in school. See our book pick : Homegrown Heroes.
  • Read Together as a Family – Choose a classic and show your children that all great leaders are great readers.

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