The Following Events Happened Between 6am and 7am

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The Following Events Happened Between 6am and 7am

  Things crashed, plans blew up and chaos ensued. I felt like we were on an episode of “24“. Unfortunately, it was just the first morning of our family vacation.   There were long, urgent instructions that had to be carried out in detail from memory. (no cow’s milk, no gluten, no sugar). No fun! I might need Jack Bauer to knock some sense into someone.   Biological disasters (messy diapers), toxic takeovers (baby bottle stealing) and local uprisings (no sharing) were narrowly averted.   Where’s Cloe when we need her? The only person with thick black eyeliner was me, only because I had to put all my makeup on in less than 60 seconds while the two year old was smearing lip gloss under his arms.   And just when we thought we had everyone at the table eating their dairy, gluten, sugar free cereal, the dog spotted a cat on the back fence and went berserk. So much for letting the parents of our grandchildren sleep in today!   10 adults, 5 children, and a dog. A week of family bonding at a little beach cottage was off to a wild start.   I always thought it was pretty unrealistic what happened during an hour long episode of the TV show, 24  – averting world disaster, never running out of bullets, no time to go to the bathroom, no chance to eat.   But not anymore. I’ve witnessed it with my own two eyes. Now I’m a believer and have this to say to Jack Bauer, “Bring it on buddy.  Bring. It. On. We’re ready”!   Here’s to hair raising moments and timeless memories, Love, Darcy    

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