Let’s Get Crafty :: Fall is in the Air!

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Let’s Get Crafty :: Fall is in the Air!

  Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you taste it?   For some of you, Fall is definitely in the air! {Based out of Arizona has its advantages, but our “Fall” is 80 degrees…and somehow we still pull out the tall boots and scarves!}   We thought it would be fun to celebrate the changing of the seasons with some fun fall Family Fun-ness on our Pinterest Page and share some of them here for a sneak peek too!   Enjoy!   What better way to kick off the season than with a “Ding Dong Ditch”?  Seriously.  Put one of these fun Apple Cider Baskets together and leave it on a loved one’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, run. Don’t forget to post your basket on Facebook and tag us in your picture – we want to see what goodies you gave! Pinterest, Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting, Fall Crafts   Need some Busy-Body Entertainment? Put a tree on your fridge and make the leaves into magnets.  This should give you a few minutes, maybe even hours.  You’re welcome. Family Matters, Pinterest, Grace Based Parenting, Fridge Magnets, Fall Crafts     Dazzle your entryway, dining room, or wherever with these fabulous glitter leaves!  You may just be tempted to leave {pun intended} them up all year ’round! Family Matters, Grace based parenting, Pinterest, Fall Crafts, Glitter     Make some memories with a hand-print tree canvas topped with finger-print leaves. Adorable. Family Matters, Pinterest, Grace Based parenting, fall crafts, hand print, canvas     This is an easy how-to craft idea to ring in the new season! Felt leaves in any color are festive and fun! Family Matters, Fall Crafts, Grace Based Parenting, Leaf Garland, Pinterest     Pumpkin Spice isn’t just for drinking anymore; create some playdough with your children and savor the lovely pumpkin spice smell at the same time! Family Matters, Pinterest, grace Based parenting, Fall crafts, playdough, Pumpkin Spice     If you’re in a state like Arizona and can’t see the changing of the colors on the trees outside – create your own!! family matters, grace based parenting, fall crafts, pinterest, leaves, painting     Hop on over to our Pinterest Page for more Family Fun-ness Fall Crafty ideas!   P.s. We couldn’t resist…. frozen, elsa, pumpkin, family matters, grace based parenting, fall crafts, pinterest      

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