Advancing Grace :: A Mops Messenger


Advancing Grace :: A Mops Messenger

  Moms take care of everyone. But who takes care of moms?   If you’ve never heard of Emporia, Kansas or can’t name any of its famous residents – you’re probably not alone. This sleepy Midwest town located 52 miles southwest of Topeka is only 12 square miles and boasts 26,000 residents. The main attractions include the Lyon County Historical Society and the National Teachers Hall of Fame. But Emporia residents and Family Matters Ambassadors, Sam and Lori Tovar are up to something big in this community.  Something eternal!   At the start of each summer Lori sends out letters to each of the 70 MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups within 150 miles of Emporia. Her desire is to secure speaking engagements at which she can share the message of God’s grace. Each week MOPS rallies communities of moms and equips them for the journey of motherhood. And grace & motherhood go together like cookies & milk. In the past two years, Lori has spoken to 16 MOPS groups – sharing the Graced Based Parenting message. In sharing her adventures as an ambassador, Lori had this to say:  

Grace has completely changed the way I view all my relationships. What a joy it is to extend the same grace that God has given me to everyone in my circle of influence. It’s such an honor to be used by God to spread His message of grace by being an Ambassador for Family Matters.

  Lori is mother to three adopted children – Hannah, Mya, and Lucas. She recalls being a young mom and getting practical help and personal mentoring through MOPS.  When she first heard the Grace message, God placed a desire in her heart to speak to MOPS groups as a way to give back to the community that molded, shaped and supported her as a mother.  Lori wanted to encourage young moms with a powerful message of hope and healing.


Although Lori was initially fearful of speaking to large groups – she’s developed a skill and passion for presenting this message. In Lori’s own words:  

I never thought God would use me to speak to others; but it’s so fun to expose them to this message of applied grace for the first time. I can see it on their faces- they’re saying “Yes, this is what I want for my family.”

  Lori and her husband Sam also teach at their church’s AWANA program, impacting families and young children in their community. The Tovar’s passion for young families and their gift in delivering this life-changing message is a blessing to their audiences – and to Family Matters who might have never reached this community without the help of these energetic ambassadors.  The impact they’re having will undoubtedly be felt for generations.   We hope you’ll take a moment to check out Sam and Lori’s Ambassador Profile as well as some of our other Ambassadors who are spreading the message of grace in unique ways.   To learn more about becoming a Family Matters Ambassador, please drop us an email or give us a call at or (480) 948-2545.    

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