Advent :: New Music

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Advent :: New Music

There were moments when I seriously doubted that my little brother, Cody Kimmel, would use his tremendous musical talents for good. Moments like when he borrowed my tight leather pants so he could play in his friend’s Queen tribute band. Or like the time he listened to my Aerosmith album 36 times in a row to hone his Steven Tyler impersonation for the youth group Variety Show. That’s why I am so proud, and more than a little relieved,  that he has become a worship pastor. His music and his band is now a tribute to Jesus. His church, Redemption Arcadia, has recorded a series of advent songs, written by Cody and played by members of his worship team. I hope they bring you joy this Christmas Season: To hear all the new songs today: Go to the Redemption Arcadia Band Camp website! You can stream the music for free from Band Camp or you can download the album for FREE (It’s name your price, so just put $0 in at checkout.)

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