Starting Out Simple

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Starting Out Simple

  I am sure you are more acquainted with the saying “Starting Out Strong”…   However, that is just not me this year.   I am starting out with a messy and unorganized home, a sewing project 3 months behind, moving boxes still unpacked {from MARCH} and to top it all off; sick.   Usually I can fight though sickness as I only really get a cold once or twice a year (and, you know, mom’s never really get time to be sick…) but this is hitting me at time where I am usually on top of my game and fully ready to hit the new year strong.  I usually have my resolutions written down and with a schedule of how I am going to keep up with them. I usually have my house cleaned and organized before the kids go back to school (which was today, Praise Baby Jesus!) with thank you notes already stamped and in the mail.   But 2015 isn’t starting off as ‘usual’ or ‘strong’ and you know what? I think that is pretty darn cool.   I am allowing myself some slack, some wiggle room; I am giving my life the maternity-style pants it so dearly deserves. You know what I mean…   So, although I may not be starting out strong, I am starting out simple.   I have given myself ONE resolution to stick to for the other 360 days left of this year.   I am giving up donuts for 2015.   Boom.     Who is with me? Who has given themselves just one goal for the entire year? I would love to hear what it is!!      

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